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InterBridge performs translations on-line of 2D/3D graphical and text data between a variety of CAD and PLM formats. The service is designed to develop and view shared 2D/3D models of large-scale processing facilities.

InterBridge is the essential tool for working successfully in heterogeneous CAD/PLM environments.


Fig. 1. InterBridge Flow Chart
Fig. 1. InterBridge Flow Chart

Fig. 2. InterBridge Application in Nuclear Engineering:
Combining a 3D Integrated Model of Kursk NPP
Fig. 2. InterBridge Application in Nuclear Engineering:
Combining a 3D Integrated Model of Kursk NPP

    InterBridge Benefits

  • Provides shared information models of facilities in a user friendly format
    • Not limited to specific CAD or PLM platforms.
    • Stores all data related to the facility.
    • Saves space.
  • Integrates project documents sourced from various CAD/PLM platforms in an information model that comprising all disciplines and all possible attributes.
  • Translates information models between CAD/PLM formats without loss of attributes or components.
  • Translates models in neutral formats using open standards, such as SAT, STEP, and ISO 15926.

    InterBridge Areas of Application

  • Design, management of construction, and management of operations of large scale industrial plants consisting of hundreds of thousands elements.
  • Implementation of engineering data control systems throughout the entire facility life cycle.
  • InterBridge Application Experience

InterBridge has seen success in being implemented for first-rate infrastructure projects in the nuclear, oil, gas, hydro power, and military industry sectors.

Competitive Strengths of an Enterprise Using InterBridge

Strength Implemention Benefit
Increased worth of a project and effectiveness of construction and operations. Developing and using object-integrated data models as a result of combining project parts powered by different CAD/PLM systems.
Increased speed of technical and managerial decision-making by staff and the customer while designing, constructing, and operating facilities. Visualizing large-scale engineering data in 2D/3D/4D/5D/6D models.
Increased quality of design documents. Automatically revealing and eliminating design and construction space and time collisions.
Meets the customers requirements for specific 2D/3D data formats. Converting 2D/3D models of facilities in the required formats.

Data Formats

InterBridge supports conversion of data between most widely-used CAD/PLM platforms. NEOLANT provides support on request to exchange data in CAD/PLM formats or through open standards, such as SAT, STEP, and ISO 15926. The list below is non-exhaustive.

Vendor Product Family Software Product File Extension Read Write
Autodesk AutoCAD AutoCAD x86, x64
AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Plant 3D,
and other AutoCAD-based applications
Revit Revit 86, x64 .rvt*
Inventor Inventor 86, x64 .iam*, .ipt*
Navisworks Navisworks .nwd, .nwc
AVEVA PDMS Review .rvm, .att, .rvs, .rvz
Bentley MicroStation MicroStation .dgn (V7), .dgn (V8)*
PlantSpace Design Series
AutoCAD AutoPLANT Plant Design .dwg*
CEA-Technology Plant-4D Plant-4D Database*
Dassault Systemes CATIA CATIA 86 .CATProduct*, .CATPart*, .3dxml
Intergraph GeoMedia GeoMedia Database*
PDS PDS .dgn (V7), .dgn (V8)*, .drv, .isff, .dri, .zip
SmartPlant Review .vue, .xml, .svf, .zvf
P&ID .pid, .sym
Electrical .spe
SmartSketch .igr
PTC Creo Parametric Creo Parametric .asm*, .prt*

*An appropriate software product is to be installed for reading specified data formats by means of InterBridge

Functional Capabilities


  • View rotation.
  • View size changes.
  • Horizontal displacement (X,Y).
  • Vertical displacement (Z).
  • Selection and centering of elements.
  • Saving detailed description lists.
Fig. 3. 3D Model Navigation
Fig. 3. 3D Model Navigation
Fig. 4. Accessing Attribute Data
Fig. 4. Accessing Attribute Data
Fig. 5. Intelligent Searches
Fig. 5. Intelligent Searches

    3D Model peration

  • Plotting model cross-sections with dynamic cutting planes.
  • Revealing and managing space and time collisions.
  • Measuring distances with tie-ins, angles, and areas; reading coordinates and dimensions of individual elements.
  • Importing multiple 3D models on logical layers.
  • Mark up and redlining.
  • Coordinating system transformation.
Fig. 6. Operating 3D Model Structure
Fig. 6. Operating 3D Model Structure
Fig. 7. Cutting Sections Dynamically
Fig. 7. Cutting Sections Dynamically
Fig. 8. Measuring Geometry
Fig. 8. Measuring Geometry

    Data and Documents Management

  • Viewing attribute data about selected elements in 3D models and databases.
  • Searching elements by internal links and database fields on query (query master); text search.
  • Viewing specifications of selected elements quickly.
  • Linking 3D model elements and other documents.
Fig. 9. Automatic Collision Detection
Fig. 9. Automatic Collision Detection
Fig. 10. Reading Point Clouds from a Laser Scanner
Fig. 10. Reading Point Clouds from a Laser Scanner
Fig. 11. Specifications
Fig. 11. Specifications

    Visual Effects

  • Controling transparency and lighting.
  • Visualizing material parameters and and textures inside model filse; layer control; large-size raster maps; colors and styles.
  • Displaying 3D wireframes.
  • Printing and saving selected scenes as high definition, antialiasing images of up to 24576 x 24576 resolution.
Fig. 12. Documents Binding
Fig. 12. Documents Binding
Fig. 13. Operating 4D Models
Fig. 13. Operating 4D Models
Fig. 14. Visualisation Control
Fig. 14. Visualisation Control


  • Tracking positions on maps through GPS (using NMEA protocol); saving the route and specific points in models.
  • Monitoring construction by linking to MS Project and Oracle Primavera.

High-Speed Technology

InterBridge provides the instant translation, visualization and manipulation of large-scale engineering data. You can check this out for yourself by looking at the figures generated during the 3D testing of the largest processing facilities Leningrad NPP that has about 500 thousand elements.

Parameter Value
Program startup time, s 2
3D model loading time, s 5
Time to import 3D model from DGN file, s 22
Navigation time, s 10
Software size, Mb 3
Size of 3D model files in the native format, Mb 20
Taken on-line storage, Mb 98

System Requirements

    InterBridge requires no installation and administration. The product has no specific system requirements, yet allows visualization of 3D models of large-scale processing facilities using ordinary office PCs. The minimum requirements are listed below:

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 8/7 86, 64; Microsoft Vista 86, 64, Microsoft XP 2000 86, 64.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium/Celeron (or compatible), 450 MHz or higher.
  • VGA: OpenGL 1.1-supported and higher.
  • Random-access memory: 128 Mbyte.
  • HDD: 4MB install.

Comparing with Analogous Software

    InterBridge provides excellent performance benchmarks of large-scale projects in oil, gas, chemical, and defense industries. Our benchmarking reported the following results.

  • Most compact software: The InterBridge distribution package is only 2MB, hundreds times smaller than competitors; see figure below.

  • Fastest operations: InterBridge opens 3D models of large facilities (consisting of several hundred thousand elements) quickly, literally flying even on standard office computers. The software instantly opens the model, and then makes is ready for operators to manipulate the model in any way. Other software systems are sometimes unable to handle giant models, or simply cannot open models of this type. See figures below.

  • The most productive software: InterBridge is able to manipulate very large 3D models (made of several hundred thousand elements) requiring a significantly smaller amount of memory; see figure below.

    The results come from a comparative analysis carried out by NEOLANT staff using the following hardware and software configuration:

  • Hardware: 3.4GHz Intel Core i7-4770 with 8GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GT640 4GB graphics board running on 64-bit Windows 7
  • Software: InterBridge 2015.2 2015.828, compared to Autodesk Navisworks Manage 2016 (64x) 13.0.1240.5, Bentley Navigator V8i (SELECTseries 6), and Intergraph SmartPlant Review 2015R1 (
  • 3D Model: 842MB with 131,016 elements

How to Know More About InterBridge and Purchase it?

The experts at NEOLANT will consult you on any issue aroused when operating InterBridge. We can help you:


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